Jet Li Quote Analysis

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“I believe the world and all that’s in it is one big family, and we need to help each other”-Jet Li. I believe this quote means that even though we aren’t all related, we need to be helpful and respectful to one another. I agree with Jet Li and this quote because of two reasons. First, we are all human beings and even if we don’t know someone, we should treat them like they are our family. Second, nobody is perfect and we all need help in someway, so we should be kind to one another. This all connects to the book Inkheart. First, it says that Fegnolio didn’t know Mo or Meggie, but he helped them and acted as if they were his family. For example on page 253 Fegnolio says, “Well, you’d better come in.” Fegnolio is trying to act like family
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