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Jet Propulsion Laboratory Harvard Business School Case 9-110-031
1.1 Should Gentry Lee recommend launch or delay for the Mars Biological Explorer (MBE) mission? Gentry Lee should recommend the launch for the MBE mission. As stated in the case study, Gentry Lee is introduced to the project with a significant amount of experience working with NASA and interplanetary exploration missions (Kaplan and Mikes, 2010). Multiple review boards took place to discuss in detail the consequences and likelihood of risks occurring. Tiger teams were established to find resolutions to existing problems weeks before the launch date. The case study eludes to a high probability of the budget increasing if the launch is delayed, and the probability the
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The role of the risk review board was to do a deep dive into critical risks and determine the likelihood and consequence of that risk occurring during the project. The review board is made up of skilled and highly qualified experts, they are tasked to review each risk critically and thoroughly. Although the board was made up of 12 people in JPL, NASA and the main contract, it was the responsibility of the project team engineers to effectively communicate the mitigation strategy for each risk. Kaplan and Mikes (2010) noted in the case study that Lee explained the “engineers have a forest and a tree problem”, making it difficult for them to see beyond the issue in front of them and actually seeing the impact the risk may have on mission success. Because of this, the review board is responsible to challenge, debate and argue over each risk to make sure every possible solution is discussed and the best one is decided to be implemented.

2.2.2 What is the role of risk maps?
The role of risk maps are to visually model and communicate the criticality of each risk. It is displayed in a two dimensional map.
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