JetBlue and WestJet

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JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects How important is the reservation system at airlines such as West Jet and JetBlue. How does it impact operational activities and decision making? Over the past years, it seems customers have heavily relied on airline reservation systems to book their tickets, reserve seats, pay for the tickets, and check-in-online. This has been very convenient for customers to plan their trips. These systems have also allowed the airlines to manage their whole flight inventory. They have the all the information stored and recorded and maintained. It provides a platform for communication between airlines for their “code-sharing plans” this also allows agents or other ticketing office to see real time…show more content…
If WestJet would have planned for the time it would have took to transfer all their files to the new system, and lighted the passenger load they would bypassed all the problems they had during the transfer. JetBlue on the other hand did successfully plan the switch they decided to do the switch when the airlines were not as busy and they also decided to book fewer seats during the time of the switch (Laudon & Laudon, 2013). They also a built a backup system to prepare for the worst, and hiring temporary call center workers was a great idea this allowed them to make sure they were available for customers during the transition. However, there were a few glitches such as wait times for calls and the airport kiosks and ticket printers were not online right away they still managed to be well prepared for any of these problems. Describe the steps you would have taken to control the risk in these projects? The steps I would have taken to control the risks in this project would be similar to what JetBlue did. I would have planned for an outage in the system and tried to look at the situation from the customer’s point of view. The training that we have done to prepare us for this new system cannot prepare us for everything that can go wrong during the transition. I would have to look beyond what could happen and prepare for that. I would slowly move the company into the transition and prepare the customers for it as well. Maybe by

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