Jetblue Airlines : The Low Cost Strategy

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To begin with, jetBlue is known as the low cost airline which has low operating costs and also which makes effective use of technology and advertising. The airline tends to focus on serving those markets which have been underserved and markets which have average fares that are on the high side. Considering the fact that many of JetBlue’s top management has migrated from Southwest Airlines, they follow the low cost strategy which Southwest has established, but JetBlue tends to differentiate itself by providing their customers with certain perk incentives such as offering a “live TV at every seat with 36 Direct TV channels and XM Radio with over 100 channels”(JetBlue Airways Summary). And don’t forget free wireless Internet and movies. In…show more content…
In addition to their wonderful staff and customer service, JetBlue also offers their passengers “comfortable seating, with lots of leg room. They actually are able to offer their taller passengers some extra leg room with 4 more inches of space available”(JetBlue’s Bill of Rights Info). Along with the seating options, JetBlue also operates with a fleet of newer jets, as compared to some of the other budget airlines.

Now, the weaknesses of JetBlue happen to be first of all, that they continue to expand, however, at a slow rate. They currently only offer flights to 61 cities in the US and to a few other countries, with their home base airport, JFK, having the highest congestion in the country. Plans for global expansion are also on the drawing board, however, this is also happening at a slow pace. In order for the airline to remain competitive, they must expand their horizons and soon.

Another issue which came up recently and happened to be a weakness, is that JetBlue received some negative press. “What had happened was that in May of 2010, one of their pilots threatened to harm himself a few hours before takeoff. Also, in August of 2010, one of their flight attendants started an argument with a passenger, decided to grab a beer for himself and slid down the emergency exit. Not
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