Jetblue Case Study

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JetBlue and Song: Competitive Rivalry between Low-Cost Carriers

Case Analysis 2

Kathleen Quicho

Prof. Rosalinda B. Lacerona
Faculty, MGE 11A

Time Context

2013 (Present)

JetBlue is a United States domestic airline company who operates on a low-cost principle which translates into cheaper airfares to its customers. In February 2007 JetBlue underwent a particular event that could have been its last. Since its beginning in 1998 JetBlue became the 11th largest company in the industry within six years. Aside from Southwest airlines, JetBlue was the only company who had been able to keep its books positive while the United States had undergone a terrorist attack and all other companies were reporting loses.

Song airline was
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* PASSION: Strive to meet the diverse needs of Crewmembers and Customers; Champion team spirit; Crave and deliver superior performance; Enjoy overcoming barriers to good service; Look for innovative solutions to business issues.

I. Statement of Objective * To be able to distinguish each of the two company’s competitive edge against each other * To be able to know the different strategies on how to survive in the competitive business world over rival companies. * To be able to know competitive actions occurring between competitors without incurring much cost and sacrificing its profit.

II. Central Problem

How would the company continuously improve their services to be able to maintain its edge against their rivalries?
How would the business immediately respond to the needs of their customers without sacrificing its profit?

III. Areas of Consideration
SWOT Analysis - Jetblue

Strengths 1. Functional Structure: Low Cost Carrier with a board and multiple departments. 2. The company’s combination of low fares compared to other airlines and superior customer services. 3. New York-based JetBlue Airways has created a new airline category based on value, service and style. 4. High
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