Jetblue Organizational Plan

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JetBlue's Organizational Plan JetBlue's Organizational Plan Introduction JetBlue is known as the airline that promises, and also delivers. JetBlue delivers Air flight of the future, with new jets and the lowest fares available. JetBlue has proved to the world that one can have it all. JetBlue’s Airways started in 2000 with the mission as stated by the founder Neeleman: “to bring humanity back to air travel by offering passengers low fares, friendly service, and high-quality product” (Ford, 2004, p.139). JetBlue has five core values that they operate by on a daily basis, which includes, safety, caring, integrity, passion and fun. JetBlue continues to adapt to the changing environment, and its community by evaluating the risks and…show more content…
Another strength that JetBlue has is that they have newer planes, advanced technological aspects that are more cost efficient. However, JetBlue’s weakness includes high debt due to the cost jets and high dependence on the metro area. JetBlue’s opportunity in the industry includes the industry growth and JetBlue’s commitment in partnering with other companies to draw in more customers. Some threats to JetBlue is an over competitive market, raising fuel costs and constant increase in stricter government restrictions ("Blue Airways Corporation SWOT Analysis," 2014). Strategic Plan JetBlue’s strategic plans continue to find ways to remain as affordable and as cost efficient for both the company and the costumer by controlling monitor fuel cost and offering newer jets as they reduce the cost fuel. The newer jets run at better speed, decreasing the cost and actual air travel time. JetBlue has associated itself with the program Nextgen. Newer methods are developing to reduce fuel waste and to reduce air traffic (, 2012). Containing the cost to a smaller budget will continue to keep JetBlue ahead in the airline market, and still allows them to stay at a low cost. Operational Plan An Operational plan for JetBlue is to involve a functional part of the JetBlue enterprise. JetBlue continues to provide safe traveling to customers
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