Jetblue Ticketing

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This week there were lots of mixed emotions and employees displaying their disgust with specific situations around the airport. I’ve noticed that anytime that there are numerous unhappy employees, there’s going to be more activity that week. There are a few Delta ramp agents agitated with the minimal amount of space in the bag room. They claim that they are being slowed down by the GAT ramp agents not being in place to get their bags on time some days. This could create tension amongst the agents and cause other issues. I will continue to monitor this area and figure out which agents are more prone to argument. With UGE being short staffed and having brought in TDY employees, there is a great bit of frustration between a few of the employees. There has been a couple of disagreements and use of authority from a lead to a normal agent a few times within the past 2 weeks that lead to one of the agents being angry with the other and attempting to be intentionally rebellious. Ongoing monitoring of these type situations are going to continue to be conducted as well. Over the course of the week, numerous employees from different companies including SAC have mentioned the negative attitude of a JetBlue ticketing / gate agent. Norman (SAC Ops) was the first to mention that this employee has been very rude and seems to have animosity for no known…show more content…
The subcontractors for Sierra Construction (Hardcore Concrete Cutting) are doing a great job with staying with their escort and being vocal when they need to move or perform a different task. They have made it clear that they are here to get the job done and not be an issue when it comes to security protocol. Each night has gone very smooth with the workers getting in at 7PM and out around 12 midnight. This concludes my ITMU report for the
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