Jetblue's Good Service Quality

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ABSTRACT (Isabelle Aultman and Ben Cvek) In any business service quality is going to “make or break” the company in the long run. JetBlue has great ideas on how to compete and how to be lower priced while still gaining profit. Customer and provider gaps are all about what a customer expects, what a customer perceives, what a customer is willing to accept, what a company understands about those expectations, a company’s communication both internal and external, and the company systems and processes (Zeithaml, et al.,2013). Although JetBlue had good service quality in place for the most part, it lacked the proper processes and systems to properly provide support. Ultimately, customers had expectations and were not willing to accept the…show more content…
Additionally, JetBlue targeted large metropolitan areas with high average fares to compete with the larger airliners. Even small things such as more seats and a more fuel-efficient aircraft increased profits. Things seemed to be running great for JetBlue as they increased the number of destinations. All of these things kept JetBlue profitable. It seems as though JetBlue has strayed from their original core values, although, the company seems to be on the way to resolving the issues that plague them. STRATEGIC PROFILE (John Beck and Admira Salazar) Starting Off In the Right Direction Jet Blue was birthed in 1999 by David Neeleman and went public in 2000 as an independently owned and operated Airline. Headquarters is located in Long Island, New York with its main base at John F. Kennedy International Airport with most of the flights occurring in the United States and the Caribbean (Docslide, 2015). From its very essences, JetBlue showed high signs of profitability, initially the company set out to sell over five and a half million shares at an average of $25 per share. However, the company actually topped off at $27 dollars selling almost 6 million in shares. Being in the airline industry means the level of competition is high, so JetBlue wanted to establish itself as a high-end airline with
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