Jetblue's Is Societal Aspects That Are Affected By External Forces As Well

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JetBlue’s is societal aspects that are affected by external forces as well. I would break it down into four categories to mainly focus on this societal area. They are listed as follows: Economic, Technological, Political-Legal and Sociocultural. Looking at the economic aspect, the economy has gotten much better since 2008-2009. There is more income being dispersed around the country. Also, if you are looking at the current price for oil, that should not be an issue for airlines right now. The technological aspect shows us how well the ticketing and self-service check-in are doing. Another thing that could be helpful is even allowing credit cards to be used on flights for more purchases. The Internet has become a great tool for our society. It allows us to even search around and find the cheapest flights around. The political-legal aspects that have an effect could be the fear of terrorists. I know since 9/11, airplanes have been one of the safest ways of transportation with all the rules and regulations. Another important part that of this aspect is the effect on oil because of certain internal wars over in the Middle East. Finally, the sociocultural aspect shows us that people have different opinions on certain topics. For example, I know many people are probably worrying about the Zika Virus if they are on a plane that has come from a country that is known for having it or if they are traveling to one of those countries. People want to be updated and know that they are in

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