Jetstar and Its Competitive Advantage

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Applied Strategic Management Report Name : Lalithaa Letchumanan IC Number : S8852820D Course : International Business and Management Batch : BMGE10906A Lecturer : Dr Eric Kuan Executive Summary The following report examines the organizational environment for the Australian Airline industry with particular emphasis on the task and general environment followed by analysis and findings of Jetstar Airways business-level strategy focusing on the airline’s competitive advantage. Upon concluding the research for the task environment, the main forces shaping the Australian Airline industry was the cost of fuel, this being such a key factor because it make s up such a big bulk of the expenses incurred by airlines and the subsequent…show more content…
Jetstar Group Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Buchanan is a founding executive of Jetstar 1.7 – Nature of Industry The nature of the industry is to provide low fares all day and everyday across the Asia Pacific region and possibly all over the world. 1.8 – Products, Processes and Technology The product that is supplied by Jetstar is the affordable air travel to destinations across the world. The Process will be as follows. Figure 1.0 The process involved in Jetstar. Source : Jetstar international website The figure above shows the process that we need to take into consideration when booking a flight with Jetstar. First, decide where to go, create a booking with Jetstar, confirm the fares, check the baggage charges and when at the airport when it explains the terminal, boarding and other assistance available. The technology available in Jetstar will be all of their flights. These flights include A320 aircrafts, A330 aircrafts and Boeing 737s. 1.9 – Competitors, Suppliers and Customers There are many airline companies all around the world. Please see Figure 1.6 for the details of Jetstar International’s major competitors. Name Of Competitor | Logo | Type Of Business – change to facts | Tiger Airways | | Air Travel | Air Asia | | Air Travel | Lion Air | | Air Travel | Source : created by L.Lalithaa, 2012
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