Jetty Rats

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Jetty Rats, by Phillip Gwynne, is a novel that explores the qualities of friendship. The text positions the reader to believe that friendship is a very important aspect in everyday lives and that it will be very helpful, but there will also be a lot of complex situations along the way. Friendships can grow between people of different genders, but love will become a factor. Secondly, friendships may grow between people who have close similarities but also differences. Thirdly, friendships can grow between different age groups who may or may not have the same interests. Jetty Rats is a novel that celebrates the gift of friendship- including all of the complex situations that they go though in order to maintain a healthy
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Though they went to the same primary school, Hunter used to bully Skullster and not really pay any attention to him. Skullster was more the indoors type of person and Hunter was the outdoor type. But because Hunter loves fishing, he needed to get mulloways back into the bay, and because Skullster was so good at hacking with computers but was in need of a fake friend, they helped themselves and each other out.
Thirdly, friendships can grow between different age groups who may or may not have the same interests. Hunter and Warwick are an example of this. Warwick is a paleontologist who studies extinct fish who came to Dogleg Bay to find and study fossils. They met in the M.A.B when Warwick needed to go to the toilet while Hunter was cleaning up (chapter 4). The first expression Hunter thought of Warwick was a really hairy, geeky sort of guy that also flosses and uses the urinal like he’s in the city. The next time they talked was in the M.A.B again. This time Hunter listened to Warwick more, accepted him because Warwick treated Hunter like an adult. Hunter was interested in the experiment of unsinkable poo, until Hunter found out he had to touch them (chapter 11). This shows Hunter isn’t really committed to be a scientist that has to touch disgusting stuff.
Afterwards, they talked about how mulloways could come back if there was more fresh water; this gave Hunter the idea to open the barrages. When Warwick was talking about how he didn’t think it was
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