Jewish Concentration Camp Essay

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Jews are constantly being punished in these concentration camps, whether not being present during roll-call to the harsh labor and the lack of nutrition provided. The soldiers take roll call very seriously, Abel emphasizes that judgement will be passed onto the folks lined up for those who disrupt roll call or can’t stand still for a duration of the time. Folks in these concentration camps are forced to work for long periods of time in a day. “whoever has a pair of wooden soles tied to his feet with a leather strap is rich” (13). Many Jews are without shoes and this can cause serious infections. Starvation is a major problem for the people in the camp since the German soldiers limit the amount of sustenance. Digestion is a major problem for…show more content…
(33). verbal abuse is something regular Jews had to endure by the soldiers. German soldiers treat them like filth and hardly even consider them human beings. Soldiers hardly ever punish folks individually. Instead Jews are forced into a collective punishment when work is undone. Abel does not look kindly upon theft. Everyone is in the same position of hunger as the Jew next to them. food is scarce and some people act upon greed to take as much for themselves as possible. “it is a serious offense against the community. Yet I can no longer get so worked up over it” (106). Abel probably seen theft happen so regularly that he lost hope in looking for people to do what’s right. He pays close attention to the sentencing of his peers who has done crime. Abel is very observant with his surroundings and stands for what is right. The number of Jews dying from physical exhaustion is very concerning. The folks in the camp will all eventually die from the same cause, if the living conditions does not change. Eventually the folks must share a forty-centimeter-wide bed. Living conditions continue to worsen for the people in the camps and not much can be done for the Jewish
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