Jewish Culture Cultural Analysis

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Transcultural Analysis of Jewish Culture with Children and Family

Communication Space Close community is valued in the Jewish culture. The well-being of a single person is not a private matter but involves the gathering of the Jewish community (Jacobs & Giarelli, 2001). This moral belief is not exclusive to helping and supporting other Jewish, but also non-Jewish people (Davey, Fish, & Robila, 2001).

Social Organization One of the core values of the Jewish culture is how close-knit and child oriented they are (Shwartz, 2004). This can be attributed to the influence the mother has on the rest of the family. Judaism is one of the most concrete aspects of the Jewish culture and it relies on the mother to carry on the religious beliefs. “If a child’s mother is Jewish, the child
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Their past history from thousands of years ago and ancient customs are still practiced or reflected on in the Jewish culture. One of the practices is done at weddings where the groom breaks a class in symbolism of the destruction of the Jewish temple during the Roman invasion (Shwartz, 2004). In present time Jews are actively involved in social issues whether they involve Jews or non-Jews. One social issue is charity, which is very deeply rooted in the Jewish culture. Education is how the Jewish focus on the future. It is very important to establish furthering education as it is seen that it is a way of securing a rewarding future for the next generation (Shwartz, 2004).

Environmental Control The Jewish culture embodies many religious customs and health-related practices. Ever since the 19th century, the mortality rate with the Jewish community in all the countries of Europe and Canada have been lower than the rest of the general population. The theory is that it is due to the Jewish ancient practice of washing the hands throughout the day, especially before eating (Jacobs & Giarelli,
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