Jewish Faith In Ww2 Essay

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During World War II the Germans strived to create the perfect race, and that mean no people of the Jewish faith. To be Jewish in Germany meant to look a certain way that was different than the rest, Jewish was not a religion anymore, it became a race. September 1, 1939 to September 2, 1945 found at (“World War II Facts”) a devastating time for the Jewish population residing in Poland and all of west Asia. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the war; he instigated ideas that Jews were bad and caused the calamitous war to begin with. In retaliation of this mass genocide the Jewish people would physically revolt against their captors or mental revolt but staying true to the Jewish faith. In the events of World War II’s holocaust, two types of resistance emerged, armed and unarmed resistance, each way a result from trying to salvage their
Armed resistance is when people stand up to physically fight with weapons and violence to achieve their way. As mass murder in the ghettos increased many people living there were tired of their mistreatment. They decided to stand up against Nazi reign and fight back
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The majority of camps came harbored many children, and they needed to learn just as much as adults did, so in turn they smuggled in books to teach people of all ages. Multiple ghettos had underground libraries, “These underground libraries included the secret library of Czestochowa, Poland, which served more than 1,000 readers,” (“Spiritual”). Due to these libraries, Jews could communicate with ease and in secret, planning rallies and theatrical entertainment. The pros to having these underground libraries were that the books could help with planning rebellions. Unarmed and armed resistance was hard enough to come by, but the fact that there was still hope was enough to keep many others’ dreams of escaping the harsh living conditions of ghettos and concentration camps alive and
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