Jewish Immigration To America Essay

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Throughout the history of America, there has always been a influx of Jews from Europe. Even though Emma Lazarus wrote her poem after the massive immigration of German Jews to America, her poem can be used to describe the Jewish Immigrants. Many German Jews arrived in New York " tired ... poor... [and] yearning to breathe free." While New York City was still a hub for German Jewish immigrants, some had also moved to Atlanta and more Western states. Several of the German Jewish families who immigrated to America will forever have their names etched into her history, through their central role as entrepreneurs in America's expanding clothing industry. They began from humble careers and worked their way up the proverbial food chain. Once…show more content…
Additionally, they left Germany, specifically Bavaria, to escape persecution because of their religion, Judaism, and profession, peddling. During the Post Napoleonic War era, "Jews suffered from postwar desolation and the trauma of adjustment to a pre-industrial society ... particularly in Bavaria...Jews experienced an additional refinement of political oppression." Not only that, but imperialist Germany required special letters of "protection" in order to not be banned from normal trades and professions" like peddling. Due to that they left for a better hope abroad (MJL). The saw America as the common man's utopia. Another reason to immigrate was that the repercussions of the failed German Revolution of 1848 were very substantial, causing many more German Jews to leave Germany (LOC). Lazarus Straus came from a prominent family in Bavaria. His grandfather, who bore the same name, and he were both part of the Sanhedrin. He was a leader in the failed German revolution, but unlike the other prominent supporters of the revolution, he was not exiled. He lived in Bavaria for another five years then left out of dissatisfaction (NYT). Oscar S. Straus who was the United States Secretary of Commerce and Labor, brother in-law of Isadore Straus and son of Lazarus Straus, and owner of Macy's, wrote in his memoir Under Four Administrations that the German Revolutionaries who departed to America had
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