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Jewish History

Ever since the Jews were driven from their homeland (now known as Israel) they have faced discrimination and prejudice, mainly due to their beliefs and culture. They spread throughout the world and in some countries they were welcomed and enjoyed periods of peace with their neighbors, however in Europe the population was mainly Christian and the Jews found themselves being branded as outsiders. The reason Jewish and Christian populations couldn’t get along was due to different religious beliefs and for many years the Church taught of how it believed the Jews had killed Jesus, however in modern times this view has been discredited by many historians.

In Russia there was a long
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In 1905 the Tzar’s secret police published perhaps the most notorious example of pre-Nazi anti-semitic propaganda. The ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ put forward the notion that an organiation of elite Jews were planning to take over the world. It was a hoax but this did not stop it from being circulated throughout Europe and America and it helped fuel Nazism in the 1930’s.

Meanwhile during this period Frances Jewish population was far less than Easten Europe. French Jews had been the first in Europe to be given equal rights as citizens and enjoyed freedom throughout France. However in 1894, French Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a French Jew, was tried for high treason and sentenced to life imprisonment in total isolation on Devil’s Island, off the coast of the peal colony of French Guiana. It took many years for the truth to be known: Dreyfus was totally innocent of the crime and false evidences had been used to convict him. This high profile case highlighted the fact that anti-semitism was present in advanced Western Europe as well a more backward states of Eastern Europe.

The Jews of Germany had already been living continuously in different parts

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