Jewish Letters To Jesus

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It was a lonely town. Cracked buildings and straw houses. There was a chemist, grocery store and a town hall. The houses were small and not many people lived in the town. There was a population was about 30 people so everyone knew each other. 5 out of this 30 had type 1 diabetes. The chemist was a well loved by the whole town. Many got supplies from there. They were slowly running out of supplies and medication for the type 1 diabetics. The township heard of the news that Jesus was curing and healing people in surrounding towns and cities. The diabetics wrote letters to Jesus asking him to bring medication and supplies to the town. Before they knew it Jesus was on route to their town. They laid out red carpet for Jesus. He was going to save the town because he will have their supplies and money. But when he came they we shocked. He didn’t have anything with him. They wondered is this him? Did he have the wrong address? Didn’t he get the letters? He called all the…show more content…
Your sins are forgiven. Rejoice with the crowd and celebrate.” “Thank you, Thank you” Everyone said to Jesus. The mayor came to talk to Jesus. “Thank you, you have saved the town from great debt now we can rebuild our town not having to worry about paying for shipment of medication. But there is one more thing I need to please ask you to do.” “What is it?” “Can you please bless the town and all others that are sick?” “I can bless the whole world. I shall cure everyone.” At once the sky lit up to a pink colour. Jesus put his hands up and prayed to god. “May all those on earth that believe in God be cured, Healed and blessed. May all sins be forgiven to those who believe.” The sky darkened and then a huge shot of yellow flew across the sky and everyone was healed. It made huge news with everyone being shocked. The said “How could this happen? I can see again! I can hear again?” Everyone rejoiced and celebrated. Everyone praised Jesus and God for their actions. It was a
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