Jewish Nationalism Of The Ottoman Empire

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Lets begin as most historians do, in the late 19th century. The Ottoman empire ruled over what is now called Palestine. The population there, according to Ottoman records from 1878 was 87% muslim, 10% christian and 3% jewish. Everyone spoke arabic as the daily language and in Jerusalem the religious population was about equal. In the Ottoman Empire, religions were ensured to live peacefully together. The late 19th century was the golden age of nationalism in Europe and no place was crazier than the Habsburg Hungarian Empire. 10 nations in this empire wanted their own state. In this very nationalistic empire lived a jewish generalist named Theodor Herzl who became convinced that the jewish people needed to leave Europe to settle in their own state. The concept of jewish nationalism became to be known as Zionism. It 's important to keep in mind that most zionist jews were secular jews. In 1917 the british government issued the Balfour Declaration in hope of gaining support of the jewish people. The Balfour Declaration, promised the “ the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the jewish people”. This was a strong move considering that the Ottoman Empire hasn 't lost the war yet. But it turned out the british couldn’t keep their promise when it came to Palestine. Because a year before the Balfour Declaration the british had secretly promised the french that they would divide the arab territories and the brits would keep Palestine. Furthermore in 1915 other
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