Jewish Religion: How Does Society Influence God's Identity?

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Quotation: “Jewish tradition recognizes that equating the symbol of God as male with God is idolatrous. At the same time, the images of God that predominate in the scriptures and other Jewish texts are those of Father and King” (Anderson and Young 57).
My Questions: Why is God always presumed to be male? How does society influence God’s identity? Is putting God in a specific gender box a way that humans try to understand God? Can the assumption be changed in the modern world?
The identity of God has always provided a lot of unanswered questions for me. I remember being young and asking my parents if God is a man or a woman. When I learned that this question could not be answered, I would become upset hearing male pronouns being used for God. The discussion in our book about God’s gender struck my curiosity once again. “Traditional Jews use exclusively masculine pronouns for God even though most
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Women have been treated as if they are weak, invisible, inferior to men, and simply domestic workers. The theme is seen throughout the reading and even in the Jewish religious texts such as the story of Dinah and Bruriah. With these characteristics being believed for generations, it makes sense that God is considered a male in many religions due to the views of society. Men are seen to be the holders of power and who is more powerful than God? However, as society changes, I hope that the practice of assuming God is solely male changes. Women are gaining more leadership roles within many of the sections of Jewish practice, such as becoming rabbis. It is no less likely that God is a woman than is a man. How do we even know that God fits into those two limiting categories? One quote that I believe sums this discussion up beautifully is “It should be no less possible to pray to a God-She than to a God-He, though it would also be no less incomplete” (Anderson and Young
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