Jewish Resistance During WWII and the Holocaust

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Resistance: it takes many forms, from the simplest denial to an armed revolt. The Jews exhibited almost every form of resistance against the Nazis which proved to the world the Jews are not that easy to extinguish. The Jews had several ways of exhibiting resistance, but "Organized armed resistance was the most powerful form of Jewish opposition"(Jewish Resistance). Armed resistance is an important aspect to revolting not only because it reinflicts the pain lashed upon the Jews, but it also shows the Jews have the ability to fight back and gives the world the knowledge that Jews do not go down easily. However, resistance is not only an act of violence since the Jews demonstrated several non-violent forms of resistance while locked up or…show more content…
In Birkenau the Jews played out their plan of blowing up one of the crematoriums and then escape before the guards can capture them, but the plan went quickly South which led to the escapees to be shot or recaptured before leaving too far(Armed Resistance). Yes, the plan had failed, but it proved to the Germans when put against a wall the Jews will resist and fight back. Sobidor's revolt worked much better because of the thought out plan of luring SS guards into a storehouse, killing them, and taking their weapons which led to the escape of 200 inmates, yet only few survived to the war's end(Armed Resistance). The Jews have made several thought out plans that worked, and although not everyone resisted in violent ways every camp resisted the Nazi Party in some form. These organized armed resistances were only a catalyst to the Jews freedom and an outlet to the frustration the Jews which, sadly led to the mass murder of escaping Jews, but allowed several Jews to escape and live their lives again. The most used form of resistance was spiritual resistance for several reasons, including safety. By doing so Jews not only continued their daily life as if nothing happened, but it allowed the Jews to reveal to the Nazis they are not easily broken. The Jewish people endured the harsh environment of their respective concentration camps, labor camps, or death camps and not only
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