Jewish Resistance

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The Resistance
During the time of the holocaust, Resistances all throughout germany took a stand against the Nazi Germans. The Holocaust, also referred to as Shoah, was a mass genocide taking place during WWII taking the lives of six million jewish citizens under the rule of Adolf Hitler. As these tragic events continued to occur, Jews used armed and unarmed forms of resistance to retain their humanity.
Armed resistances were a group of jewish of non jewish civils who were against the actions occurring and used obtained weapons that were often stolen from enemy bases.
For instances, one of the armed resistance was a French-Jewish group founded in January 1942 called the “Armee Juive”. “Despite great obstacles (Such as lack of armaments and, training , conducting operations in a hostile zone, and ever present nazi terror), many jews throughout germany occupied Europe and attempted armed resistances against the germans” (Armed Jewish Resistance: Paragraph 1, Sentence 2). Even with massive obstacles, the Armee Juive continued to move forward and fight for what they believed was right.
Another form of armed resistance was a small partisan developed by a group of three brothers whose parents were taken away from them, also known as the Bielski Brothers. The Bielski Partisan Group was one of the most significant jewish resistances effort against the Nazi
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Resistances were formed by many such as forces like the Armee Juive, Another armed force that went along these lines were The Bielski Brothers Partisans, and unarmed forces were also developed during this time, such as Hans and Sophie Scholls leaflet campaign. With seeing the types of resistances that took place throughout the years of WWII, one question is left somewhat unanswered; if something like this were to occur in present times would the people of today fight for what's right or stand to the sides and watch in complete silence
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