Jewish Responses to the Holocaust Essay

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Jewish Responses to the Holocaust

Some Jews believed that God had “abandoned” them during and after the Holocaust. They believed this because beliefs claim that a Covenant was made between the Jewish religion and God to make sure Jews would go to the promise land if they were to trust and obey the Lord God. If this were true then the Jews were being betrayed and God had broken the Covenant between them. I personally believe that God did not abandon the Jews and that he was testing them as he did with Jobe. (See Jobe’s story in the Bible) In the tale of Jobe God was testing Jobe’s faith and making sure that not matter what happened he still believed and enforced the Lord God. The Holocaust was the
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Some people may have thought that it was like Jobe’s story and that at the end they would have everything they had aver had back to them and they would once again be happy. Could it be another test? I think religious faith guided the people in harm because when they were feeling their lowest they had someone to turn to and “answer their prayers.” They needed to keep the faith to believe and still have trust in someone. If you can’t trust someone who is perfect who can you trust! God is amazing and to have someone like that as a hero is very guiding…you can admire him and worship him and feel better about yourself and others.

It was possible to put God on trial and still worship Him because he is the one you have spent your whole life following you are not likely to turn this away and try for a second life. He is like you or I and he is our kind so we worship him like one of us. We put Him on trial for our disagreement for what he had done however this does not mean he was wrong just that we did not agree with it and that we believed it to be a disaster to the Jewish religion. God is the one we turn to when we are unsure so to suddenly throw that all away is wasting life. It is not possible for us to clearly see why God caused the Holocaust however we cannot just throw our beliefs away over a “disagreement.” It would be the waste of everything we have learnt from him through the
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