Essay about Jewish Sexual Ethics

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'Sexual ethics provide a framework for Jewish conduct so that the tradition may continue in stability and morality'

Evaluate the accuracy of this statement.

Sexual Ethics are integral to Judaism because they provided direct guidance on how to behave morally and in accordance with the Torah and God. Although, over many years Jews were suffering from persecution, they are currently showing stability which can be attributed to the framework that is outlined through the strong ethics that they uphold. Sexual ethics provide guidance on how to behave morally, righteously and in accordance to the Torah as well as preventing promiscuity, infidelity, immorality and sexual acts which hinder the constancy of Judaism. The teachings on Adultery,
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This is further emphasised in the commandment, "You shall not covet your neighbours wife." Furthermore, the universal condemnation of adultery by all Jewish variants reflects Jewish beliefs as it protects society from promiscuity, disease and deformed birth which have the potential to jeopardise the framework for Jewish conduct and hence continue the tradition in stability and morality. This results in society being spiritually and ritually clean, also promote the belief of fidelity and honesty, which will inturn encourage Judaism to be moral and stable.
Sexually ethical conduct is crucial promotes the beliefs in God's true intentions; that love was between a man and a woman. In addition to this, the morality and stability of Judaism is affected by the restriction of procreation which comes with the act of homosexuality. The importance of life and procreation is clearly evident in the Jewish stance on homosexuality as Jewish religion and community is against homosexuality, regarding it as sinful, whether gay or lesbian, as it destabilises the framework for Jewish conduct. Homosexuality is not the ideal state in Judaism and is a challenge to the ideal of marriage and family as it inhibits longevity and continuity of the tradition thus destabilising the religion through immoral acts. It is important to note that it is homosexual acts, not homosexual orientations that are
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