Jewish Space

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The main focus of this essay is what makes KKBE a jewish space. Many people would think that it’s a jewish space because it’s a synagogue one of the most important parts of jewish live. Others would say it is jewish just because it is a place of worship just like how we know a church is christian since those are the people who worship there. I believe that it is much deeper than that. A theorist Abraham Joshua Heschel has a theory that spaces are not important because they are spaces, but because of the moments that are lived through and I agree with him. KKBE has a large history in Charleston as it was the Second oldest Synagogue to be built in the US and the oldest one still in use. The KKBE is a synagogue which is the place where jewish people go for religious worship. The building itself looks Somewhat historic on the outside, but on the inside majority of the…show more content…
Then this is even backed up by the religion, KKBE itself, and the bible itself. Like it was previously stated Judaism is functioned around time with all of its holidays and celebrations being centered around the importance of its time. Just like how those events would lose jewish importance without its connections to the times that have made them what they are the same can be said about KKBE Synagogue. Then you can see evidence in KKBE itself with all the historical items and plaques of all the older members that you can see all over the grounds and interior of the Synagogue. Then finally probably one of the most important pieces of evidence is the quote from the bible stating how God did not even place an object at the center of focus, but rather a place in time. With all of this evidence it is easy to see that KKBE is a jewish place because of the events of jewish history and jewish connections that were formed there
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