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Introduction Israel is sought and acknowledged by many people for its religious tides. In this paper the readers will gain extensive knowledge of Israel’s history. In addition, readers will gain information on the challenges that impact the way business is conducted in Israel through current culture and political environments, business ethics, and corruption. As well as, trading, Free Trade Agreements, and trends. Historical Background The country of Israel was founded in early 1948 (Bard, 1998). Israel is currently, the only Jewish state in the world and was recently ranked by US News and World Reports, as the 8th most powerful country in the world in 2015 as stated in article Jewish virtual library (Bard, 1998). Israel has a terrain which consists of mostly mountains, plains, coasts, and desert. The country has a population of about 7.59 million citizens with an annual population growth rate of (2009 est.): 1.7% (Background notes on countries of the world: Israel, 2010). Since the 1980’s, Israel began to earn a sufficient amount of wealth from the country’s natural resources in fertilizers and pesticides, petrochemicals and plastics. Unfortunately for Israel, every good thing eventually comes to an end. While the country has had a lot of natural resources in the past, the country began to see more pollution and a steady decline in the country’s resources in the year 2012. As mentioned in the article, The Environmental Impact of Israeli Settlements on the Occupied

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