Jews : A Religious Group Of People Originating From Israel

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6#2 The Research Essay Draft Jews, a religious group of people originating from Israel, have lived in Europe for about 1500 years. A great number of Jews settled in Germany. For some mysterious reasons, Jews were extremely prosperous. Although they lived peacefully with their neighbors, Jews were rejected and were forced to live under restrictions such as curfews. Jews were also barred from owning land or from holding jobs that they desired and for which they qualified. Even under these constraints, Jews prospered and gained significant values as merchants throughout Europe. During the Middle Age, with the increased spread of Christianity, Jews were looked upon as “allied with Muslims” and many were killed (Shyovitz). Consequently, their lives were completely changed, and they were forced to live in closed communities, known as ghettos, without interacting with the outside world, but under strict regulations from the German authorities. Jewish isolation led to a greater increase of their religious background and, therefore, even greater persecution. In the seventeenth century, rulers of the European kingdoms valued the Jews because of their economic status and granted them citizenships. When Hitler came to power in 1933, discrimination against Jews in Germany resumed. While more than half of the Jews living in Germany emigrated between 1933 and 1939, the rest continued to reside there, only to find themselves living and dying under horrendous conditions during the World…

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