Jews : The Forever Faithful

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Anthony Le Professor. DeMoran EUH2032 21 April 2016 Jews: The Forever Faithful Most people today immediately think about the holocaust when they put the words suffering and Jews together. However, there are layers of history buried beneath the holocaust that is unseen by the common eye. Jews have been persecuted for what seems like the beginning of time for their beliefs. It is ironic that today’s most popular religions were so hostile towards their own origins. The holocaust is an add-on to truly confirm people’s ignorance. The Jewish people are sturdy enough to withstand the test of time and sheer faith has driven them this far. Judaism is the first major monotheistic religion that set the stage for the growth of Christianity and Islam. Judaism is fairly simple when you look at it from the surface and only a few of its beliefs directly conflict with both other religions. To start off, the basic guidelines for any Jewish person would be Rambam’s 13 Principles of Faith. The 13 Principles of Faith is a list of Jewish beliefs and is widely accepted across all branches of Judaism. The principles confirm G-d’s existence and his godliness, state that devotion to only G-d is mandatory, says that G-d cares for the good and disciplines the bad, the Messiah will come, and that the dead will be resurrected. Adding onto the faiths, Jews are required to adhere to the Hebrew bible without question or personal interpretations. The Hebrew bible is composed of three sections and each has

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