Jews Were Complacent During The Holocaust

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It is a common misconception that Jews were complacent during the Holocaust. For most people, the only knowledge, if any, about Jewish resistance during the Holocaust comes from a fictional movie, Inglourious Basterds. While certainly based on facts, Inglourious Basterds is not a good way of expelling a myth. In actuality, and despite popular belief, Jews were not complacent during the Holocaust. They performed both violent and non-violent resistance against the Nazis, such as spiritual resistance, forming partisan groups, and starting uprisings and riots in many ghettos and concentration camps.
Spiritual resistance is defined as “attempts by individuals to maintain their humanity, personal integrity, and sense of civilization in the face of Nazi attempts to dehumanize and degrade them” by the United States Holocaust Museum (Spiritual). Spiritual resistance was highly regarded by many Jews, and most actually considered it to be the purest form of resistance because it was non-violent, and kept their spirits from being broken, even while facing horrible degradation. Examples of spiritual resistance include conducting religious services while in ghettos or concentration camps, keeping covert libraries of Jewish works, and establishing secret archives to report about daily life in the ghettos.
The continuation of religious practices while in ghettos was most commonly conducted by Orthodox Jews because they heavily opposed violence, but religion continued in almost all ghettos

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