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This assignment is designed to develop learners’ ability to evaluate the elements of the macro environment and its relation to an organisation. Select an organisation which you are familiar with. Explain the elements of its macro environment and discuss how these element(s) affect your selected organisation. Recommend improvements that can be made by the organisation in managing the macro environment effectively. Criteria Description on the selected organisation Description on the general macro environment elements Identification and discussion on element(s) of macro environment that affects the selected organisation Recommendations to improve management of the macro environment in the selected organization 1.0…show more content…
The Company's segments include Eurasia and Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, Pacific, Bottling Investments and Corporate. Consumer needs and demands are constantly evolving throughout our markets. In order to remain relevant to their consumers they establish clear category and brand priorities and define focused objectives. They drive innovation by continuously building on their strong family of brands and introducing new flavors and packages in specific markets. Part of their innovation process, they are launching existing brands in new markets and re-launching or reinvigorating existing brands where appropriate. In many of their markets where adults are a growing segment of their consumer base, they have launched several product innovations to ensure they meet their expectations and their increased interest in reducing their sugar and calorie intake. In 2008, they launched Coca-Cola Zero, a full-flavor no calorie Coca-Cola beverage highly popular among adult consumers, which is available in 20 out of our 28 markets. 3.0 General macro environment elements: There are several elements of macro environments that will effects the decisions of managers in any organization. The general environment consists of all the background conditions in the external environment of an organization. The primary elements of the general environment are discussed further. 3.1 Demographic Environment: Demographics relates to information about the consumers in
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