Jfk Inaugural Address Speech Analysis

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On a day that was filled with sparkling cold snow January 20th, 1961 In Washington D.C President John F. Kennedy delvers his will know inaugural address speech, to the citizens of both the world and America at the end of a close and fierce ballot Kennedy persuaded, captivated the people and he was very successful. Using Pathos, Logos, Ethos and some subtle techniques he effectively converted millions of people in the USA .by touching their hearts and motivating their minds.
JFK heavily uses pathos, repetition, and changing sentence structures to deliver an effective speech. John F. Kennedy touches many American hearts in his speech. In the second paragraph he says he has “sworn before you and Almighty God” (p1). The mentioning of God so early in his speech sets the tone for the rest of his speech. He ends the speech by mentioning God again, “Gods work most truly be our own” (p3). Showing America that he is a deeply religious man. Throughout his speech JFK uses thought provoking words such as freedom, success, and liberty, words that have become synonymous with the American dream. The constant uses of these words invoke a feeling of patriotism in most Americans.
JFK uses repetition to demonstrate his points throughout his speech. He constantly reminds the American people that they are a united and strong country that can make it through anything. He also mentions that America can solve problems with their enemies using diplomacy several times. He begins four paragraphs in a row with the same words, “Let both sides”, to illustrate that he is willing to work things out with countries America is having problems with. The use of repetition helps Kennedy to convey his message to his audience. Long, powerful sentences occasionally to keep the formality of the speech and to convey important messages to his audience. The interchanging between the simple, short sentences and the long, eloquent sentences keeps the audience listening and wondering what he is going to say next. John F. Kennedy effective uses rhetorical devices to successfully convey his ambitions and hopes for America. His use of pathos, repetition, and variation of sentences helps him to achieve this goal. John F. Kennedy’s speech was very memorable
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