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Informative Speech Outline: Topic/Title: _____Jhon F. Kennedy an Inspiration through the Ages. _______ Introduction: Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to provide information on President John F. Kennedy. The speech will provide a history of President Kennedy’s life, the memorable points of his presidency and why he is an inspiration. Specific Purpose: To share with them his early life, his political career, his load of presidency, his tragic death, and his inspiration. Thesis Statement: President Kennedy proved to be one of the most remembered Presidents of America and inspires everyone, especially me. Preview statement: President John F. Kennedy has been revered as one of the most significant Presidents in America’s…show more content…
Senate seat. B. Support for #2: During his career as a Senator he married Jacqueline, underwent several spinal surgeries, and published a book in 1956. The book was called Profiles in Courage and its topic was on Senators who risked their careers for personal beliefs. This earned him the Pulitzer Prize for Biography in 1957. C. Support for #2: The Democratic convention nominated JFK as its candidate for President on July 13, 1960 and he turned to Johnson to be his Vice Presidential candidate. Despite the controversy of his Catholic faith Kennedy defeated his Republican opponent Richard Nixon on November 8, 1960 (Dallek). III. Main point #3: Why he is an inspiration. A. Support for #3: January 20, 1961 John Fitzgerald Kennedy was inaugurated into office and became President Kennedy our nation’s 35th President. It was in his inaugural address where he spoke of the needs of the citizens of America to be active and famously stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country” (Dallek). B. Support for #3: President Kennedy was most well-known for the Cuban Missile Crisis which began on October 14, 1962 and ended peacefully on October 28, 1962. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest America had ever come to nuclear war (Reeves). President Kennedy wanted to put an end to racial discrimination. C. Support for #3: On November 20, 1962 President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11063 which

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