Jfk and the Cold War

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The Cold War (1945-1991) was basically an ideological standoff between the ideas of Communism supported by the Russians and Democracy/Capitalism supported by the Americans. Communism is a political ideology which has the central principle of ¡§communal or communist ownership¡¨ of all property and therefore the abolition of private property. Democracy is a form of government in which the people vote, have a representative government and via these representatives ¡§govern themselves¡¨. During the period between 1961 to 1963, Nikita S. Khrushchev represented Communism and ruled Russia, while John F. Kennedy embodied democracy and lead America. The two leaders differed in their foreign policies as is evident by the Berlin Wall incident and the…show more content…
Kennedy sought to contain communism in Latin America, by establishing the Alliance for Progress, which sent aid to troubled countries and sought greater human rights standards in the region. Kennedy also created the Peace Corps, where American volunteers help underdeveloped nations in areas such as education, farming, health care and construction.
Khrushchev and Kennedy¡¦s policies conflicted first when Khrushchev threatened to sign a treaty with East Germany that would cut off the city of Berlin from the United States and then built a massive wall separating West Berlin from East Berlin, which increased tensions between America and Russia. Tensions further increased in what is known as the Cuban missile crisis, where in 1962, the Soviet Union were desperately behind the United States in the arms race, and therefore felt threatened.
Khrushchev thought of placing missiles in Cuba, which would serve as a real deterrent to a potential U.S. attack against the Soviet Union. At the same time, Fidel Castro was looking for a way to defend his nation from another attack by the US, after the ¡¥Bay of Pigs¡¦, where John F. Kennedy was unsuccessful in his invasion Cuba. Fidel Castro consequently, approved of Khrushchev¡¦s plan to place missiles on the island. When the US discovered Khrushchev¡¦s plan via reconnaissance photographs, Kennedy announced the soviets plan to the public and most of the world thought that
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