Jfk 's Alleged Assassin By Geoff Hamilton Claims

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of JFK 's Alleged Assassin in Recent American Literature” author Geoff Hamilton claims, “He learned to register more keenly than others the maddening and stultifying tendencies of the culture, and his lessons are written into the substance of 22 November 1963... his historical role infinitely larger than anyone would like... who [Oswald] can tell us most about what 's killing us.” (pg.664). Nobody knows for sure who killed the president because Lee Oswald, the only suspect for the assassination, died before being taken to court. From JFK’s autopsy and over years of discovering new information, it is known how the president died. Ross Moy, from the Department of Academic Emergency elaborates further on the death by stating, “The first …show more content…

The whole country was shocked and disheveled by the news and the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, was on a search. The investigation of the assassination of JFK caused panic to American citizens as they were looking for someone to take the blame. Though America had been through three other previous presidential assassinations, the United States has never experienced an event like this before. Immediately after the president was pronounced dead, he was taken to Air Force One in a casket to be buried back in Washington D.C. On the plane, the now widowed Jackie Kennedy, still covered in her blood stained outfit, was standing next to the new President of the United States and his wife, Lady Bird. In the book, The Kennedy Assasination--24 Hours After : Lyndon B. Johnson 's Pivotal First Day As President , author Steven M. Gillon wrote, “At 2:40pm just a little more than two hours after the shots were fired, Judge Hughes, her voice shaking and hands trembling, asked Johnson to recite the oath” , as former Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson had officially became the 36th President of the United States (pg.139).
After the president was taken to Parkland Hospital, cops and FBI agents went searching for the suspect. The police department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation had already suspected Lee Harvey Oswald to be the killer due to his background and absence from work that day. In a Dallas Police report made

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