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Presenter notes Slide 1: Title Slide 2: The Utah Opera is an adhocracy culture. An adhocracy culture is one that is externally focused and values flexibility. This type of culture is adaptable, creative, and reacts to change quickly (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2010). The opera shows these qualities in their culture. The opera values flexibility, and has tailored their business model to allow for adjustments in both the size of the opera and fundraising projects. This allows for them adjust their operations in a timely manner as needed in order to meet profitability goals. The general nature of the opera fosters the creativity that is required for the adhocracy culture, since they are an arts program. The opera focuses less on their…show more content…
Slide 3: The distribution of authority and decision making differs between the opera and the symphony. The opera, as an adhocracy, is headed by Ms. Ewers, who reports to the Board of Trustees. Ms. Ewers makes most of the financial and fund raising decisions, as evidenced by her ability to increase the Opera’s annual budget from $1.5 million to $5 million. Subordinates have some decision making authority within their respective roles. For instance, below Ms. Ewers is the Director of Operations, who is responsible for overseeing and leading numerous department directors. These department directors are in charge of the smaller units and have some decision making power and authority. Ms. Ewers designated such duties as the technical and artistic facets of opera production, music administration, and community education to these subordinate groups. This is Adhocracy culture is what differentiates the opera organization. An adhocracy culture allows employees to be empowered with some authority and decision making. The hierarchy of power eventually leads back to Ms. Ewers and the Board of Trustees; however, the department directors are the ones who are primarily responsible for their department. For example if a manager wants to incorporate a certain prop in a performance, that decision is his/hers to make. A side note worth mentioning is that after the department directors, there are several departments that have managers who will also be

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