Jharna Software: the Move to Agile Methods Essay

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Case 1: Jharna Software: The move to Agile methods January 20, 2009 Background & Problem Identification Jharna Software is a software company located in India that was established in 1992, with a focus on IT services for the banking and finance sector. Its offerings include e-commerce solutions, networking solutions, offshore services, applications development, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management (CRM), e-CRM and business process outsourcing. Jharna received awards from the Indian government for performance in exports and does well in the market. The founders believe that their high-quality offerings at low price points is the key to their success, helped by their focus on maintaining a highly-skilled work…show more content…
Each section indicates a (+) next to the process of preference for the given criteria. Processes address the issue of difficult integration at the customer site: This is an issue for current processes because there are often incomplete system requirements at the start of development and because requirements may change and the process is not set up to adapt to late-breaking changes. Agile processes address this by dividing integration into chunks throughout the process, allowing changes to be made without drastically impacting the design. (+) Ability to meet customer needs: The current development process devotes a large amount of time at the front end of development to establishing customer needs and converting them into system level requirements. The client-site team meets with customers, learns their needs, develops specifications, verifies them with the customers, and then sends them offshore for development. This is a very formalized, documented process. (+) Agile processes do not devote much time up front to formal system specifications, but rather relies on continuous communication with the customer throughout the development process. The process accounts for the fact that needs often change or cannot be fully developed early on and is flexible to this. (+) Compatibility with teams located at multiple sites The current development process has been structured to work well
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