Jhumpa Lahiri

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Prayushi Amin Professor: Jacqueline landau English 103 14th November 2012 Importance of communication in relationships “Communication is the key to a healthy relationship”. It is a pillar on which every relationship is balanced. Relationships are never stable, but communication has the ability heal every wound. Majority of Jhumpa Lahiri’s work is based on the importance of communication and relationships. Her stories are influenced by relationship problems, and the ups and downs one faces in maintaining relationships. Most of the characters, in her stories have been facing a difficulty in communicating their feelings to the opposite character. Jhumpa Lahiri is an American Indian,…show more content…
The two have not been able to communicate after they lost their child. All the three couples have been facing problems due to different reasons, but the cure is only one. They are facing problems because of certain situations which can be termed as a barrier to communication. In majority of her stories, Jhumpa Lahiri indicates the relationship status of a couple through their actions. In the story, “Interpreter of Maladies”, we can see that Mrs Das hides behind her sunglasses all the time, and Mr. Das has his nose buried in a guidebook. These actions, show that Mr and Mrs Das have been hiding from each other, ignoring the most important incident in their life which one of them is not even aware of. Years of miscommunication has developed an awkwardness in their relationship where they have accepted the lack of connection between each other. On the other hand, in ‘The Temporary matter’, Shukumar’s life has changed after his child’s death. He has become highly irresponsible. He wakes up by lunch time, drinks leftover coffee and works in the kitchen( Lahiri,Jhumpa. The temporary matter. pg 5). Shukumar’s actions and his irresponsible behavior signifies the intensity of effect his child’s death had had in his life. During the first day of power outage, Shukumar had to think of topics to communicate, to release the awkwardness between him and Shobha. In the story, the narrator says that “ They were
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