Essay on Jig’s Rebirth in Hemmingway's Hills Like White Elephants

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Jig’s Rebirth in Hemmingway's Hills Like White Elephants

Ernest Hemmingway has a specific style of writing. Most of his short stories are terse, short, and objective. Not only does he like to use short, simple sentences, but he also repeats them over and over for effect. Hemmingway is also known being blunt. In his short story "Hills Like White Elephants," he is just the opposite. He dances around the truth and never reveals Jig’s final decision. Does Jig go through with this "simple operation"?(616). Just what is this operation that is so very simple? Though Hemmingway never tells, an insightful reader can conclude that the "simple operation" is an abortion. Whether she goes through with the abortion or not is up to us to decide.
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The young woman seems disconnected as she looks out over a line of hills and says, "They look like white elephants"(615). This statement should set off an alarm in the mind of the reader. This statement and the title are symbolic to the meaning of the story. One must know that if one is given a white elephant then they are given an unwanted and useless gift. Many years ago people would give miniature white elephants as gifts. They served no function and were considered unwanted, useless gifts. This leads the reader to believe that this is what the story is about.

"No, you wouldn’t have"(615). This line is said in response to the American saying that he has never seen a white elephant. This line is another hint to the sassy nature Jig might have had before the story began. Knowing how to handle tough situations made Jig strong. Strong and determined, she knew what she wanted and how to get it. However, all that changed the day she met him. He swept her off her feet, and she never looked back. He was everything she wanted and everything she needed. He said all the right things, and she fell hard. Jig was no longer the strong woman who knew what she wanted. What she wanted was whatever he wanted. This event leads up to her attitude at the beginning of the story.

"I don’t care about me"(617). This line shows how trivial her view of herself has become. She does not care about anything but pleasing him. His view of her is all
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