Jihad Is A Symbol Of Destruction And Terrorism

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Arguably the most misunderstood term in the religion of Islam, Jihad could mean one of two things: a struggle for or against something or a Holy War against a nation. The idea of Jihad came about when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), most praised and recognized Prophet of Islam, wanted to spread Islam. Today, Jihad is a symbol of destruction and terrorism. It is frequently seen in the headlines of Western media as a demeaning term meaning an all-out explosive battle has been ensuing between a dominant Muslim country (or group) and another nation. It is necessary for those who use this word for it to be understood and to allow people to see the significance of this word to all Muslims. The most widely recognized strict interpretation from Arabic to English is "struggle," whether it be a struggle against oppression, corruption, injustice, poverty, hunger, and my use of it right now, ignorance. Although “Holy war” is a popular interpretation also, it does not encompass the whole meaning of Jihad. Following the doctrine of Jihad would actually benefit society and even the whole world. The word “struggle” itself is used so you can overcome it. So, overcoming the struggles of poverty, corruption, hunger, and many other topics that tackle societies balance today would benefit society for the better. Actually following Jihad to the very core, Muslims have been labeled the most charitable people in all of the UK (United Kingdom) as of 2013. That’s what controls most people’s

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