Jihad and the World Essay

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On the eleventh of September of 2001, 2993 people lost their lives in the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Both buildings collapsed within two hours of the initial events, destroying nearby buildings and damaging others. Al Qaida claimed responsibility of the attacks, declaring Jihad against the United States of America. Jihad is a religious duty of Muslims, the word Jihad means “struggle”. There are two general understanding of Jihad that can be found in the Quran. First, the greater Jihad is the struggle of each individual against their personal struggles of self development and maintenance of their standard of personal belief and daily routine. Muslims should concentrate in their everyday life…show more content…
But, they reject the idea of Jihad against innocent Muslims such as the terrorist attacks against Iraqi civilians.
Liberal Muslim political organizations are against the idea of Jihad; they want to establish good relations with other foreign countries based on respectful bonds that, among other things, will help in the mutual development of economies and educational systems. The idea of Jihad will considered if a real threat on their country already happened.
All non Muslims governments and parties in the world are against Jihad because they are likely to become one of its targets and will lead to high civilian costs of life among the populations and the degradation of civil rights that have been established. Since Jihad is affecting the whole world morally and mentally, someone could ask “Is Jihad ethical?” Jihad could be examined by three philosophical principles such as Natural Law, Utilitarianism and Categorical Imperative. In order to analyze Jihad according to the three philosophical principles, a preview of each principle should be available.
Natural law is an ethical prospective that deals with Nature and religious beliefs. According to this principle, anything came from nature or happened because of nature’s causes should be ethical. Also, it’s related to GOD and religion, an action could be considered ethical
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