Jihad the True Meaning

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The beauty of Jihad is hidden behind the supposed meaning which is “holy war” in actuality there is so much more to jihad, it is a way in which Muslims can struggle and strive for our creator Allah (swt). What makes me sad is the misinterpretation of the word; the media has made it look like a militaristic concept when in reality it is to struggle in the name of Allah (swt) and Islam. Hopefully reading this will help us better understand the word Jihad.
The types of Jihad maybe the key to actually understanding what Jihad is, there are four types of Jihads. The first type of Jihad is to struggle against one’s self and desire, the second is to struggle against the temptations of Shaitan (Satan), the third is to struggle against the
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No individual or group can call Jihad since they are not speaking or representing the whole Muslim ummah (people, followers). Another rule of Physical Jihad is that it is not obligatory for each Muslim to go out and fight, only a few who are willing perform the physical Jihad, it is not forced either only in some situations is it, There are three cases in which the rules of Jihad are bent and it is an official Jihad and you must fight in it. The first is when you are present on the battlefield; it is considered a major sin to withdraw without fighting, When a foreign land invades a Muslim country only then is a official Jihad declared without a Khalifah, because it is considered self defense and one must protect against the aggressors, the final case is when the Khalifah orders the ummah to make a physical Jihad the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says “…So if you are summoned to fight, go forth” (Bukhari). Who must fight and become the Mujahideen? Every Adult Muslim male in the Ummah who has a sound mind must fight; he also should be able to support himself and his family while he fighting. Finally possibly a factor that separates Jihad from any other form of fighting is its regulations. This
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