Jill Is Experiencing Discomfort And Anxiety

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As a promising young lady, Jill is experiencing discomfort and anxiety mainly from two aspects. The first point is the panic attack coming from her studies and career choice. Jill suffered a great sense of loss as she failed in the Bar exam and cast doubt on her career pursuit, meanwhile she is anxious about the hyper-competitive environment among her law school classmates. From another perspective, Jill feels insecurity in her relationships not only with her boyfriend but also with her parents. Given her great deal of anxiety and uncertainty, it is not hard to understand her obsessive and compulsive symptoms as extremely finicky with food and sometimes bulimic.
According to the attachment and story-telling brain theories, I speculate
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D, 2010). Children with secure attachment would fulfill their intellectual potential, have good relationships with others and regulate their emotions well. However, Jill violated all these descriptions. As a good student, Jill should be able to pass the Bar exam, but she failed by only a few points. Instead of having positive relationships with her classmates, Jill is frustrated by the competitive environment in law school. Last but not least, she has a somehow secure 4-year relationship with her boyfriend, but she goes to panic when she feel her boyfriend does not understand her and emotionally present for her. What have happened cannot be changed, but we can change the way we look at them and experience different feelings towards them.
As far as I am concerned, past-life regression could help Jill understand her relationships with her parents, her boyfriend and her classmates much better, and try to let go of that negative energy. Then, I would use mindfulness therapy to support Jill find her peaceful mind, integrate her shattered spiritual body and reach her higher spiritual guide. After fulfilling her psychological gaps between her consciousness and the reality, she will be capable of healing herself through meditation and returning back to nature to find her psychological source of energy. Along the way of psycho-therapy, I will also reflect on my personal experience and teach myself to let go of my past trauma and

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