Jill Monologue

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This is the story of Jill and me, Nick. Jill is a 12 year old girl who lives in the United States of America. Jill is an average girl with an A-B grade-point average she has blue eyes and a mix between brown and black hair. You're wondering about me? you'll learn about me later. “Hello Jill. My name’s Nick, short for Nicholas.” I suddenly thought to Jill. “Who’s in my head?” Jill thought back “Oh you don't know me,” I thought. “Nobody alive does” “I got to get up and get something to eat.” Jill mumbled to herself. “Dang I didn't get any sleep last night.” Jill thought “No you got plenty of sleep now go eat.” I thought to Jill “I’m going to ignore you if you boss me around.”Jill Telepathically responded. “Can we please eat? I’m famished.”
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