Jill Reported Increased Capacity Of Managing Stressful Situations And Emotions

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Jill reported increased capacity in managing stressful situations and emotions. This was evident in her ability to follow through on coping skills discussed and when using a subjective scale to assess moods she reported improved moods. Jill reported mood changes to be related to interventions in our sessions and being consistent with her anti-depressant prescription. Jill also reported a reduction in her anxiety attacks. Due to Jill addressing underlying issues related to her drinking and feeling heard, she was able to pursue employment counselling and had started a job placement with Leads Employment Services which further increased her confidence. Jill’s self-care improved and that was she presented in clean clothing and had started to wear make-up to appointments. She reported practicing self-care often and had treated herself to a haircut. Jill shared she had attended a family gathering that we had discussed prior and had made plans to leave if it became difficult. She was able to attend this function and did leave at one point when she became stressed. She was able to use recommendations from our cognitive behavioural ‘AWARE’ program in order to regain her composure and chose to rejoin the family function. In the past, Jill reports she would have reacted to the stress by abusing alcohol, resulting in an argument prior to leaving. Jill reported an improvement with her relationship with her children, she shared that she was able to avoid arguments escalating with her

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