Jim Crow Law History Paper

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When starting this project I expected it to be no different than the research papers that I have written for my political science class, but this did not turn out to be the case. The history paper had much more depth and research that I had to do to complete the paper successfully. I accelerate in papers that are of interest to me, which is why I chose my topic. Jim Crow laws are something that we learn about during our whole time in school and I have always wanted to learn more.

I started my project planning on writing about how each ethnicity and social background was affected by the Jim Crow Laws. This was my plan and this was what I was looking into when I did my original set of research and found that there is not a lot of secondary sources on my original focus for the
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This is where I was wrong. The Supreme Court rulings are such an important aspect of what was going on during that time, that without them my paper would be incomplete. They are important to how the story was going to end and showed the importance of standing up for what you believe in. It’s important to look at the whole picture and then focus on the smaller parts, and the Supreme Court cases are a major part of the whole picture. This is something that was very important to my learning; I now will focus on the importance of the whole picture then narrow it down. In previous papers I wrote I would focus on a small section and write a whole paper around it, which is not as effective of a method. This idea that the larger section of a story is more important to understand the smaller sections of a story is the most important aspect of understanding history to me. Once someone understand the whole picture than the smaller parts begin to make sense and add detail to the story. A story by itself is good but a story with more detail is
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