Jim Crow Laws Affected the Lives of Black Americans

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Every aspect of life of the blacks living in America was affected by the Jim Crow laws. Segregation in America became apparent and the order of the day and was evident in several instances such as in churches, hospitals, cemeteries, saloons and all other social avenues and even in the manner in which public school textbooks were sold (Morehouse, 2000). The blacks were denied the right to access certain locations such as swimming pools and amusement parks. The most intimidating part of the Jim Crow laws is that some of the whites used it as an avenue to demoralize the blacks as it was evident in the entrance of public parks which had signs reading “Negroes and Dogs Not Allowed”. This kind of sign was very intimidating since it compared the blacks with the dogs. Medical services were denied to the blacks in several hospitals despite the fact that healthcare is primary need of every human being (Robin and Kelley, 2005). This was worsened when a requirement was passed that nurses in every hospital should only help and treat only patients who came from the same race. If a black had the urge for entertainment, they had to purchase different tickets to those being purchased by the whites and even in the halls there were different seating for the different races this forced the Africans to seat in the balcony which was later named after as “nigger heaven” (Robin and Kelley, 2005). The consumption of goods such as clothes and shoes was not spared by the Jim Crow laws since in most
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