Jim Crow Laws

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Why was it that the white race feels superior to other races, such as Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans? The problem with people is that many don’t like to see other ethical culture succeed. What people don’t know is that if that ethical group does not succeed then they together can not succeed as a racial community. The end of slavery but the rise of Jim Crow laws brought the acts of inequality, separation, and the mistreatment of the colored.
During the end of formal reconstruction in the south in 1877, a new beginning of racial segregation began in the United States of America. “White people don’t like to see a nigger with to much… white people was afraid, afraid the money would make the nigger act to much like his old man”(Wormser) a quote by Ned Cobb a labor worker who had so little because when he had much the white people would take it away from him. It was hard to work in horrible conditions with low pay and then placing food on his families table. Many were trapped in contracts or in debt due to not being able to read the contract. So even though African Americans were not slaves they were under the rule of the person they owed money too. Many were lynched, which meant they were hung from a tree. “If we got to fight and die for America, why should we be treated like slaves in America?”(Wormser). A quote by former soldier Hosea Williams who served in the army during World War Two and was the only one in his squad to make it out alive. After his return to the
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