Jim Crow Laws For African Americans From Performing The Same Daily Activities

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Jim Crow laws prevented African-Americans from performing the same daily activities as whites did. Some of these activities included African-Americans not being able to use the same bathrooms, entrances, or water fountains as whites. Jim Crow laws had a large impact on baseball. African-Americans were not able to play in Major League Baseball. Because of this many all black baseball teams were formed. These teams eventually led to the formation of many negro baseball leagues throughout the United States. Eventually, Negro League Baseball became extremely popular in the black community. Negro League baseball contributed to the advancement of African-Americans by exchanging proceeds with their communities, exploring and showcasing African-American talent, as well as exploring integration into white baseball. After the Civil War, the southern United States was in pieces. The land had been demolished, the economy was in the gutter, and plantation owners no longer had a source of cheap labor. In order to keep the newly freed African-Americans socially below white people, Jim Crow Laws were made. Jim Crow Laws were laws that segregated people of color and whites. These laws prevented African-Americans from using the same facilities as whites, completing daily tasks, and limited the exchange between African-Americans and whites. Jim Crow laws were in place for about 100 years. From the end of the Civil War, to the end of the Civil Rights Movement these laws had an effect on the
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