Jim Crow Rights

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Through 1877 and 1954, many African Americans suffered to gain their rights completely after the end of slavery. This hard, wicked time was the beginning of the start of a new law, known as the Jim Crow Laws, that erased the rights for former slaves all across the south. The phrase Jim Crow originated from Thomas Rice, who created a stage play about an African American named Jim who was owned by a man name Mr. Crow. In the Play, Rice was in costume as a Jim and danced around singing a song saying “Jump Jim Crow” which became very popular in the south thus creating the name for the law that segregated blacks from whites. Jim Crow Laws was one of the most wicked laws that the U.S. supreme court had passed.
For 87 years, African Americans had fought for their civil rights that were taken away from them by a law passed by Congress that stated all former slaves and whites were to be separated and to have separated schools, water fountains, bathrooms, etc. This law had prohibited African Americans from living a life they should like any normal white person can. This law, known as Jim Crow Laws, was passed by congress in 1877 in the south, as reconstruction ended. After the Civil War, white southerners were not so pleased about African Americans having their freedom and having their rights. White southerners were not willing to have the same rights as African Americans, so they decided to segregate all blacks and whites. The origin of the name “Jim Crow” came from a stage play
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