Jim Daniels' Poetry

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Jim Daniels' Poetry Jim Daniels may not write poetry as eloquently as one would expect, but his style matches the subject matter he writes about perfectly. Indeed, it is this unrefined colloquial style, which allows Mr. Daniels to capture the essence of working class Detroit and relay it to the reader. His words may be somewhat coarse and he does not hesitate to use profanity, but one is still able to find beauty in his writing. The same can be said about the working class society, in which Jim Daniels was born and raised. At first glance, the Blue-Collar landscape of Detroit Michigan, with its dilapidated factories and toxin belching smokestacks, may seem coarse and profane. Yet, when one looks closer it is not hard to find beauty…show more content…
Throughout his poems, Mr. Daniels illustrates one of the most beautiful aspects of Blue-Collar society. This is the sense of camaraderie between members of the working-class: the “us against the world” attitude. In “My Grandfather’s Tools” he writes, “…showing the engineers how things really worked.” (3). There is an air of disdain for management in this sentence, which serves as a bond between working men. The very title of his poem, “For People Who Can’t Open Their Hoods” (66), infers a total lack of respect for people who have never done physical labor or are not mechanically inclined. This universal lack of respect for those who have not engaged in manual labor serves as a bond between those who have. Anyone who has ever worked in a factory, plant, or on a construction jobsite is aware of the fact that this attitude is prevalent amongst the working class. In plants and factories, engineers and foremen are hated and on construction jobsites, architects and superintendents are despised. The basis for this attitude is more than just economics; it is a mixture of economics and machismo. Engineers, architects, managers, and inspectors do not do the hard physical work; in fact, they do not actually produce anything, yet they usually earn more money and definitely more respect than those who do. They draw up the plans and designs, but they do not implement them. The
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