Jim Goodnight Essay

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It is amazing how many companies out there struggle with the simplest of things with understanding the value of their employees. Engaged employees are critical to the success and growth of any company. Having read and watched several articles about some trend setting companies, I already see ideas and attributes to take back to my management career.
First, SAS has demonstrated that by keeping the employee’s happy and healthy, it will increase production. The CEO, Jim Goodnight has set out to do so by creating an environment where his employees are free from stress or pain. He focuses more on the overall health and welfare of his employees and is in tune with what it is they need to thrive. As quoted from Mr. Goodnight,
“When employees
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When the board of directors relieved Market Basket President Arthur T. Demoulas, nearly 20,000 employees walked out and customers quickly followed suite with a boycott. What Mr. Demoulas created within his company was a feeling of a family and a relationship of trust. Employees are not just an expense to him, but seen as a member of the team. They live and breathe it every day. As stated by Mr. Goodnight, happy employees deliver excellent customer service, which leads to happy customers. Customers return more often, they buy more, and they tell more people, which continues the natural growth of the company.
The Gallup study on why employee engagement is not getting better shed some light on the awful truth in that companies are afraid to be different and move away from old trends. They kid themselves by merely changing the words around to make it sound new. Management may think this will succeed, foster a team of engaged employees but it will only foster a greater disconnect. Real change is required; you need to be able to listen to your employees. You need to be able to motivate, manage conflict, and be clear and concise with your
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